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Filter Bag Material For Liquid Filtration


Also operating on the principle of surface filtration, monofilament mesh filter bags are manufactured from mesh materials in which each strand is a single filament.The non-deformable filaments are woven in a specific, consistent pattern and fusion welded for extra strength. Monofilament meshes are structurally very strong and are available in nylon (STANDARD).

Our felt bags are designed to withstand higher solid loading, and are suitable for applications using vessel or open filtration systems. With the filter bags, you can count on a quality product every time.

We makes its own fiber to produce the felt material used in our felt filter bags inhouse, guaranteeing the highest quality.

Non-woven needle felt filter bag is an economical one-time use filter bag, which uses acupuncture method, the surface of the filter material without hair removal, three-dimensional structure and seamless hot melt fusion technology to ensure effective Filtering at the same time, does not produce leakage, it is suitable for medium and low viscosity liquid filtration environment, with a stable high filtration flow rate, which can effectively intercept a variety of soft and hard impurities, depending on the filtration accuracy and filtration flow, optional polypropylene PP, polyester PE and other materials and different bag size.

Filtration system application:


---Paints, Coating, Inks, Dispersions

---Water and Water Treatment 


---Lubricants, Metalworking Fluids

---Parts Cleaning Solutions

---Pulp and Paper 


---Food Processing

---Chemical Processing

---Edible Oils

---Potable Water, Beer, Wine

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