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Dulpex bag filter housings, applications the system flow cannot be shut down for filter bag change out.

Duplex bag filter housings For 24 hours Working Condition Liquid Filtration System

For applications where the system flow cannot be shut down for filter bag change out. Either a butterfly or ball valve assembly is used to divert the flow between the 2-5 units filter housings so the isolated, out of service filter housing can be serviced. The flow is never shut down.


2 Bags Duplex Bag Filter Housing For 24 hours Working-Duplex Bag Filter Housings

Filtration Specification:

Inlet & Outlet: 1” Flange

Filtration area: 0.2 m2

Flow rate: 20 m3/h

Design pressure: 10 bar

Suitable working pressure : 4-6 bar

Housing material: 304SS

Optional micron rate: 1um, 5um, 10um, 25um, 50um, 100um, 150um, 200um...600um...1000um

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Our bag filter housing can be used alone or in combination to meet various industrial filtration needs. Please find the pictures as follow for reference.

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